Steven Capuzzi

Doctor Strange - Review

11 de Noviembre del 2016

First of all, who is Stephen Strange?

He might not be as popular as Spiderman or Captain America, but he is someone very important in comics, and after this movie I don’t doubt he becomes a fan favorite.

Stephen Strange, best known as Doctor Strange, is a superhero from Marvel Comics, created by Stan Lee (Yes, the old man that makes cameos in all of the Marvel films) and artist and character conceptualist Steve Ditko. He appeared for the first time in the number 110 of Strange Tales (July of 1963).

Stephen Strange was a doctor who specialized in neurosurgery, greedy and egocentric, until he suffered, in an accident, a permanent damage to his hands that forced him to withdraw. One day he heard about a Tibetan with powers, so he went to see him and with him learned the mystical arts, becoming Doctor Strange, a protector against all mystic evil who wants to harm this dimension. His most emblematic villain is Dormammu, a being trapped in a parallel world that searchs for a way to enter ours and to dominate it. He later appeared on and off in The New Avengers, where he was stated as being part of the secret group known as the Illuminati to deal with future threats to Earth.

The film follows the same plot, with Benedict Cumberbatch playing Strange. Also as part of the cast are Rachel McAdams and Tilda Swinton.

The first thing I have to say about this movie is that the visual effects are fascinating. It's amazing what they get to represent and how they project it, which I found even more overwhelming because the director, Scott Derrickson, had so far only directed horror films.

It’s interesting to finally see magic within the Marvel cinematic universe, since so far all superheroes had gained their powers scientifically or by birth. One positive attribute of this, is that it changes all the way they do action scenes, in a well-worked and fascinating way for the viewer.

Benedict Cumberbatch does an excellent job as usual, but the character I most liked was his mentor, the supreme sorcerer. This caused some controversy since originally he is not only a man, but an asian one, and in the film is interpreted by Tilda Swinton. But Swinton makes a magnificent characterization and I think no one could have done better.

Of course, the film continues with the subplot of the infinite stones and in this one we get to see the stone of time. And yes, they use the stone in an extraordinary way. In a battle, time recedes as the fight takes its course.

Doctor Strange has a great introduction, and presents us with a new side of the Marvel universe that we’ll continue to see in upcoming films. I’ll give a nine out of ten to this movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget to wait after the credits for a special scene.

And if you did see it, what was your favorite part? Also, if you’d like to know more about the infinity stones please let me know in the comments and I could arrange an entry about it.