Steven Capuzzi

To the ones who dream - La la land Review

05 de Marzo del 2017

From the moment I started watching the teaser trailer I knew I wanted to watch this movie, and boy did the final result not disappoint me! From sets to music and acting, everything is perfect in the world of La land.

Our story begins in a demoniac traffic in the city of the angels, is so heavy that the cars have minutes without moving. Then, someone gets out of their car and starts singing. It's a moving song, called "Another day of sun", and suddenly, everyone gets out of their vehicles and starts singing and dancing. It is a lively start, you don’t get to see the protagonists yet, not even the secondary characters, because the truth is there aren’t any (well except one by John Legend).

This film focuses on only two characters: Mia and Sebastian. Mia works in the cafeteria of a movie set and wants to be an actress. Sebastian is a musician, loves jazz and dreams of having his own bar. They meet one night when Sebastian has just been fired from his job and although she wants to tell him that she loved his piano performance, he stumbles on her and goes on his way being a real jerk. They meet again a couple of months later at a party where Sebastian is playing with a band. They start to talk and soon they are already singing and dancing together. The only thing is that Mia is dating someone, but it does not take long for her to leave him, affter seeing the inevitable chemistry she feels with Sebastian. You can imagine how everything goesafter that. Dates, dinners, dances. They soon live together and are the perfect match. Mia suggests the name of a bar to Sebastian and he is always for her as both struggle to achieve their dreams.

The love story of Mia and Sebastian is one that any hopeless romantic would like to have, at least at the beginning. Then, like everything in life, it gets complicated. Sebastian's career is starting to take off, but Mia's is not. I think one of the aspects that I liked the most about the film is what I could identify. Mia is rejected as many times as you can imagine and at one point you think she will never have a chance to achieve her dreams. But here is the detail, this movie is for the dreamers. Those of us who want something with the depth of our heart and dream about it every night when we go to bed. So of course, when Mia breaks up with Sebastian and decides to give up, Sebastian receives a call that is for her. It's a callback for an audition. Although Mia no longer wants to know anything about it, Sebastian convinces her and takes her himself. This is Mia's moment, a scene where she really shines.

Five years goes by. Mia is famous, married and has a daughter. One night, she and her husband decide to go to a bar. When Mia enters she sees that the name of the place is the same one that she suggested to Sebastian years ago. So there it is, they both made it, just not together. This was a real surprise to me, because after seeing the style the movie was taking, I had imagined that they would end up together.

I like musicals, but I had no idea that this I would love so much. I even listen to the soundtrack every day on my road to work. The story is charming and the chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is undeniable, in addition to her impeccable performances.

I think the part that I liked the most and hate at the same time is a scene at the end when Mia sees Sebastian in the bar. She begins to dream and lives all their story from the beginning, only different. When they meet, he does not push her, instead kisses her. And everything is even more perfect than it was. They marry and have a child, dance and fulfill their dreams. Only that this could not be. It is something that we dreamers can’t avoid, to live this style of things in our mind.

But in the end everything is fine. Mia and her husband decide to leave, but just before Mia gets out of the bar, Sebastian meets her gaze, smiles at her and she does the same. Just as these stories usually end in real life.