Steven Capuzzi

Top 10 TV Shows from 2020 (So far)

27 de Julio del 2020

Due to the high number of TV shows with excellent content this year, I will be sharing with you the best 10 I have seen so far in 2020. I will talk a little about the plot, and I'll include for you the the number of episodes they have, in addition the streaming service where you can find them.

10. Hollywood

 A group of actors and filmmakers, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, try to fulfill their dreams no matter the cost. This is a miniseries produced by Ryan Murphy, the creator of series like Glee and American Horror Story and it is a fictional story with real elements that makes us wonder: Where would we be now if this had really happened? And that's cause the main plot focuses on the production of a film that seeks to change the industry as it was known by having a gay writer of color and a leading actress of color. Hollywood has 7 episodes and you can find it on Netflix.

9. Unorthodox

This is another Netflix miniseries, and it only has 4 episodes that go in the blink of an eye. Inspired by Deborah Feldman's autobiography, it tells the story of Esty, a 19-year-old Jewish girl who lives unhappily in an arranged marriage in an Orthodox community in Brooklyn, New York. The series is narrated in two stages. Esty's past before her marriage, and her present, where she runs away to Berlin to pursue her passion for music. Unorthodox opens the doors to a culture that very few know and takes us on the journey of a girl, who more than anything else, just wants to find herself.

8. Defending Jacob

We continue with the rise of the miniseries. Defending Jacob is an American crime drama, based on the novel of the same name by William Landay. In this story we see how Jacob, a boy of only 14 years old, is accused of the murder of another kid from his school. Jacob's father, an assistant district attorney in Newton, Massachusetts, who is none other than our Captain America, named here Andy Barber, will do his best to prove his son's innocence. What this 8-episode series shows us is how a normal family deals with these kinds of situations. Especially the parents, who day after day don't know whether to trust their son and even start to think that he may be guilty. Although the ending was not entirely satisfactory, the suspense does not disappear in any episode, in addition to having one of the best performances by Chris Evans. You can find this series on Appletv +.

7. Elite, Season 3

We come to the end of an era for the Spanish youth drama on Netflix. As we saw at the end of the previous season, Polo has returned to the exclusive private school "Las Encinas", and with this you can be sure that an endless number of interesting situations and relationships are unleashed. Like previous seasons, this one also plays with the times, showing us how one of the main characters dies at prom, which keeps us in the first episode wondering who he was, and the rest of the season in the search of his murderer. But more bittersweet than the death of one of the characters is that most of them graduate from high school, so be ready to say goodbye to a few of these guys. Elite 3 has 8 episodes.

 6. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, part 3.

In January 2020, Sabrina returned to Netflix with 8 episodes full of dark magic and spooky adventures. With her father, the dark lord, (The devil, not Voldemort), prisoner in the body of her boyfriend Nick, in the bowels of hell, Sabrina decides to go rescue him only to meet Caliban, a prince who was born from… clay ? and who asks for the crown of the underworld. This is why Sabrina decides to rule, while at the same time going to school and joining the cheerleaders. The finale is without a doubt the high point of the season, featuring a time travel twist that allows us to stay with two Sabrinas, one in the human world and the other as ruler of the underworld. Now it only remains to see where this leads us in the end of the series, which will be released very soon in part 4.

5. Westworld, season 3.

We finally got out of the theme parks in the sci-fi series by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. This season we explore the outside world with a Dolores on a mission to destroy the society in which the residents of this futuristic world live, where the system, based on the information of a person, can calculate and predetermine the rest of their life, what leads to a battle where free will is just an invisible thought. And that also leaves a lot to think about, considering what social networks do with our data in real life. You can find all 8 episodes of Westworld 3 on HBO and on its new streaming platform HBO Max.

4. The Clone Wars, season 7.

After 6 years since the end of the sixth season. Disney+ took over the project of Star Wars, the clones wars to give it that final chapter that fans wanted so much, with the last 12 episodes. One of the best aspects of the season is that it goes in parallel with the events of Star Wars Episode 3, the Revenge of the Sith, especially in the last 4 episodes, but from the perspective of Ashoka Tano, the former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. These 4 episodes are the one that give a complete turn to what we know from Episode 3, giving meaning to all the facts. And oh, you couldn't miss that epic battle between Ashoka and Darth Maul.

3. How to Get Away with Murder, season 6.

The famous legal thriller came to an end with this season and boy, did it end as strong as it started. With Annalise going to trial for all the crimes she helped cover up throughout the series, starting with the murder of her husband, Sam Keating. Add to this that the FBI has bought Michaela and Connor to testify against Annalise, and last but not least, a mysterious murder in the last episode that will surely leave you speechless. Although the season had its ups and downs, the grand finale more than makes up for it. We even get to see an epilogue many years into the future. The last 15 episodes of How to get away, are already on Netflix.

2. Money Heist, part 4.

The professor, Lisbon, Tokyo, Rio and the rest of the band are back with 8 episodes in the big red (Netflix). We continue with the master plays by the professor and the inspector Alicia Sierra, while the band seeks to save Nairobi, and at the same time the success of their impossible plan to take over the gold reserve of the Bank of Spain. The tension does not go down in any of the episodes, but neither does the humor. Without a doubt, Money Heist does not disappoint at any time.

Bonus. Love Life.

They say an average person finds true love after 7 relationships, of which only 2 are long term. This is what's interesting about this series, which explores a person's emotional and romantic life in one season. In this case Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick), a girl trying to find her place in the big apple. Love Life has 10 episodes where in 7 of them we find a love interest in Darby's life, from her adolescence to "the person" or the love of her life. Love life is the first original HBO Max series.

1. Dark, season 3.

More than a Netflix series, Dark is an experimental event. As they presented it to us with Schrödinger's experiment, where we have in a closed box a cat, a bottle with poison gas and a device. This device contains a radioactive particle that, if released, breaks the gas bottle and the cat dies. As we look at the closed box, we wonder: is the cat alive or is it dead? This creates two overlapping realities at the same time, and this is exactly what this season of Dark represents. Only that for us there is no cat, instead we have a transcendental series that has trapped us all with a plot of time travel, anchored with symbolism, fantasy and science. It also gives us a ending that satisfactorily converges our journey from previous seasons, and at the same time giving us that space for free interpretation. For me, not only the best series so far in 2020 but the entire decade.

What do you think of my list? Let me know in the comments if you agree with my selection or if I have missed any series.